We help leaders communicate clearly and effectively.

With the music as our platform, we continue to explore new techniques and new ways to develop you. Through personal coaching, exercises and group interactions, we illustrate to you and your team how we all have our very unique personal expression, and teach you how to develop your potential and perform strongly and consistently.

The music begs you to listen, to cooperate and to live in the present moment - and is therefore a powerful catalyst for increasing your own personal impact.

We believe that while each person has a unique communication style, we can teach and bring this out through a series of tested and proven learnings.

Our programs range from individual one-on-one coaching, through company specific programs to open courses. Each is tailored to the specific participants and the company or person's context.


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Team Ministry of Music

Nete Nørgaard – Nielsen

Nete has made it her personal mission to help people develop their voice, body language, public speaking and mental capacity. It started out as an innocent interest in music and opera, but grew to a full-throated passion for the science of human communication, expression and interpretation, and how we use it for maximum impact in our professional and personal spheres.

“So many people do not utilize even a fraction of their own communication skills, whether it’s for informal meetings or powerful performances. I am a strong believer in the tangible tools and techniques from the world of music and opera, and how they can be used in our everyday situations; there is nothing mysterious or unreal about them, they’re just ready to be used.

I imagine It's a bit like working with IT software. We just install human software programs instead: aprogramme to optimize voice, a programme to use full potential in body language, a programme to handle the nervousness etc. All programs which we have refined for over 20 years got it installed along with the artistic breast milk ".

Nete Nørgaard – Nielsen (1977) holds a Master in Musicology, Italian and Entrepreneurship, and is an educated opera singer from schools in Copenhagen and London. She founded Ministry of Music in 2006.

Karen Strande

Karen has always loved to talk and sing. In everything she does, the voice is her focus - on her bike, in the shower, when she cooks etc.

“The enthusiasm induced by singing and producing sound has always been my motive, and to communicate and pass on the enthusiasm is very motivating”.

Her skills as a trainer and teacher in Ministry of Music comes from her work as a choirmaster for children and adults. In her work it has become very clear how communication affects the listener or participant. It is especially the children who give you true feedback.

“If I’m entering the room and I am tired with a group of 30 children in front of me, it will take a few minutes before they’ll express loudly that it is boring!  In this way, the work as a choirmaster has opened my eyes to how a conscious use of voice and body language has an essential impact on communication - and communication in general”.

Karen’s skills, in regard to what makes an appropriate communication is also based on a theoretical background in public speaking.

Karen holds Master in Musicology and Rhetorics from  the University of Copenhagen.

Neel Teilmann

Music has been a part of Neels life since she was born. Her interest comes from a family of many professional musicians, and since her fingers were able to reach out for the piano, she has been playing. In Ministry of Music she uses her skills from her life as a concert pianist - both as a soloist and a chamber musician – in concerts in Denmark and abroad. Through her work with singers and other musicians, she has developed an eye for what works in a performance situation. These skills give her a lot of knowledge about the techniques in voice, body language, and mental attitude: such as handling nerves and how you use your nervousness in a constructive way:

“ The best way to handle your nerves is preparation! But when it still hits you, it’s all about concentration. It’s about shutting everything else out and focus. I always think ahead and focus on how I want the music to sound: softly here, building up towards a climax here, relax and breathe here. If I lose my concentration I immediately force myself to think about what I am doing right now, so that my brain doesn’t get the opportunity to focus on any nervousness. The ability to stay in the moment and focus on certain details is to be worked on every day. To work with nervousness is never going to stop. Luckily - because my nerves make me perform really well”.

Neel had her debut from The Royal Academy of Music and is pianist in Copenhagen Piano Quartet  

Louise Schrøder

Louise has always been fascinated by music and has played since the age of five. The skills from music that she uses as a trainer and coach in Ministry of Music come from her daily work with singers, choirs, opera productions, auditions and concerts. In each of these situations the importance of observing, adjusting details, handling stress, nervousness and many different situations is very important.

“Breathing is for me the keyword. It binds all of our tools together. Breathing is important for your quality of voice, your articulation, your posture and your nerves. Very few of us are breathing the right way, and it has an enormous impact on every little thing we do.

Moreover, we have to “breathe together” to be able to communicate in a good way. A conversation is like chamber music and the work between a singer and a pianist. We have to breathe together, listen to each other, sense where the other person/musician is - in general, respect the common rules: follow each others tempo and pace, don’t interrupt each other and look at each other.”

Louise holds her Masters from the Danish National Academy 


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