It takes very little to exploit your mental potential. Targeted training can do wonders.

If you can relate to any of these questions, then give us a call and let us make a plan for your workout:


  • Do you have sleepless nights before an important performance or presentation?

  • Do you think you perform much better without an audience than when it really matters?

  • Does it annoy you that you can’t control whether you performance is excellent?

  • Are you afraid of getting a mental black out or to be asked about something you don’t know the answer to?

  • Would you like to be better at controlling the physical signs of nervousness- signs such asa pounding heart, sweating and shaking hands? 

The mental potential

We get nervous and have 'butterflies' in the stomach because it matters to us to perform well

Few people make use of their full mental potential. The human brain is primitive. If you once had a really bad performance experience, the brain and body will do what is possible to prevent it from happening again.  Your body has a great memory, and it is alert when you are at risk - namely when you are to perform: You may experience physical discomfort, shaking hands or the entire body.  Maybe you become dizzy and have stomach pain while your brain is trying to convince you that you need not perform!  The whole situation can give you thoughts like "they probably don’t like me" or "I do not have something special to offer"

The physical discomfort that many call nervousness is your indispensable fuel.  Without it your performance is neither exceptional nor in the here and now category.  But it must be handled by your thoughts and your behaviour so that it does not get out of hand.

How to boost your mental capacity

First you get an overview of why you become nervous.  Do not worry!  You know your body memory well. Then we work to overcome your inappropriate mental beliefs.

Five modules of three hours each = 15 hours in total

Performance Analysis.  Together we identify the reason for your nervousness - find the cause.

We must erase your negative mental beliefs and replace them with positive ones. We also train in visualization

Through exercise of voice, body language and your speaking style, you move your focus and get the best basis for peak performance.

You prepare yourself for peak performance

Your training course is evaluated and together we ensure that you reach the desired result.


Could you improve your own communication style ?

Every person and his or her background is different. Contact us today - we would love to discuss you and yours.


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