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It is not always easy to reach the audience in the back row. But you can practise and reach a surprisingly good result.

If you can relate to any of the questions, give us a call and together we will make a plan for you to train with us:

  • Is it difficult for you to speak sweet, short and to the point? 

  • Do your slides or presentations often take control over your performance?

  • Would you like to be better at debating a point and figuring out what your opponent’s arguments are?

  • Are you afraid of getting a mental black out, forget what to say or to be asked about something you don’t know the answer to?

Often we forget to customize the message to meet the situation, the recipients or the time frame available.

In this communication academy program, you will get a chance to work with the most important elements in your language:   The way you prepare your performance, the way you choose and use the language in which you speak.  You will gain insight into the five phases of the art of speaking:  Inventio, Dispositio, Elocutio, Memoria and Actio – your preparation plan for peak performance.

Because your voice and body language is the conveyer of you message you will be trained in how to deliver your message.  To prevent the loss of important information, you will be trained in communicating your message, keeping it short and to the point.  And you will learn how to adapt the message to the present audience or recipients.

You will learn how to make sure that your message will appeal to and make an impact on your recipients by utilising the rhetorical elements of ETHOS, LOGOS, PATHOS

To strengthen your argumentation, you will be introduced to the basic elements of Toulmins model of argumentation in practice – how to build a strong argument. How to use the full capacity of your speaking style

How to build a strong argument: Claim, Warrant, Backing Grounds, Qualifier, and  Rebuttal - How to see through your opponent’s arguments.


Speaking style – The five rhetorical preparation phases: INVENTIO, DISPOSITIO, ELOCUTIO, MEMORIA and ACTIO:  What is the situation and who is your recipient? How to customize the same message to different recipients and how use the ETHOS, LOGOS and PATHOS to hold your recipient’s attention.

In addition to your words, you can adjust your presentation, your speaker’s notes and your technique to achieve what you need to remember.

You get exercises and e-learning enabling you to practise between training modules easily.

Your training course is evaluated and together we ensure that you achieve a good result.


Could you improve your own communication style ?

Every person and his or her background is different. Contact us today - we would love to discuss you and yours.

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