Anders Laubjerg, Federal Secretary of Danish Metalworkers Union

"Ministry of Music is a true pro when it comes to making communication sweet, short and to the point with voice, body language and the words that we use with the focus on the most important key messages we wish to communicate. In the Danish Metalworkers union we have used the Ministry of Music the last few years to train selected regional union presidents,  department heads and a number of teachers and instructors. Not because they were bad. They just needed to get better. Subsequently, some of the department heads found the personal training so useful that some of the union representatives also got involved:  Are you passionate about a case and have something to say that comes from your heart?  Then the entire presentation/performance can be ruined if there it is delivered in a low voice, too fast, in a monotonous voice or if the presenter talks to the ‘room’ or in the direction of the slides being presented and not to the audience, or wanders back and forth like a lion in a cage. Then it is time to get rid of the bad habits and with Ministry of Music you can do that."