Stina Bach Löfqvist, Team leader, Bayer

"The first time we used Ministry of Music it was in connection with an annual team day. For us it is important to have a focus on the delivery of our messages and how the message is delivered. Often we have only one chance. It is therefore important that the message is clear and precise and delivered with conviction.

We had a great training day in the beautiful Royal Danish Operahouse. Here Nete and her three colleagues directed us literally through the day. The Team Day got an incredible amount of positive feedback from colleagues who experienced a training day unlike any other experienced by others!"

We worked and trained with the techniques available and learned that when we present or teach we must come forward with a clear message.

It is very inspiring to have worked with such professionals as Ministry of Music

Subsequently (after the training), we have together with Ministry of Music decided to focus on individual training for selected colleagues with specific needs and requirements.